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Sisters Across The World
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Friday, March 7th, 2008
1:09 pm
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X-posted like whoa.  

Friday, November 30th, 2007
2:25 pm
New Member
Hi my name's Tomika and just joined "onlinesisters", I have a best named Sandra, which she and I have been friends for a long time. I met her by joining her group on Yahoo, which was November 17, 2003, and we have been friends ever since. She's like a sister to me, 'cos I feel like I can tell her anything, whenever I'm feeling down, I know that I can always to talk to her about my problems, 'cos i know that she always listens and give me great advice. Sandra and I are like sisters, I feel close to her than my own sister. I'm going to get her to join this group, when she's not online, I just feel lost without her. I'm looking forward making friends, and maybe you all can be like my online sisters too, and have develope a beautiful friendship relationship like me and my friend, Sandra. So I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and hearing from you as well. :) :)

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Monday, April 25th, 2005
1:42 am
Aww Cary You are the Sweetest! I didnt know wheither to reply to your post, or just make my own. But since I CAN post, chose that route.

I too feel so blessed to have known you girls for so long! You all are such great friends!! Can you believe I fell upon you guys almost 2 years ago now! Gosh.. I have known you girls for so long, it seems like we know each other in rl, you know what I mean? I often forget that I have never seen you in person. It's so odd!!

Since I'm feeling all sentimental, here goes...

Favorite memories with you guys so far:

Cary accidently calling my work and getting ME on the phone (I worked at a 200+ person call center). We were BOTH completely surprised and shocked!! I'm glad you called Cary :)

Chatting with Connie bright an early one morning for a few hours... and I could hear my baby singing in her room. Connie told me to go grab a picture and send it to her, so I did. Everytime I see those pics, I think of you Connie! Another.... our shared birthday!

Learning so much about Marie... Her love of her R, Tyga, and Sex! Hehe!!! Sharing her struggles with her TFAB, thank you for being so open. Actually, I never knew what TFAB stood for till meeting Marie!

The beautiful cards and birthday present I received from Susan. The smashed-to-pieces candy canes! That made me laugh so hard!! Especially your comment when I told you about it! Thanks!
Friday, April 22nd, 2005
4:38 pm
Ok as LJ so nicely cut me off... </b></a>
4:28 pm
I've dedicated this journal to my dearest online friends. rie9 - I've know you the longest, since I was 17 I've been chatting w/ you on msn ,
we have been through good times and bad. You've helped me w/ alot of things and I will always cherish your friendship. </span>nicolechan , you
are such a sweetheart. Always willing to help a friend, always eager to give advice. I truly cherish all of times we've chatted. </span>connism you
are so special. You have a talent, you help lift people up when they need it to most. We've had our rough times but I'm always here for you.
My online friends mean alot to me, I don't have many female friend in real life. Most of my friends are male, it helps to have someone to talk to
someone you can confide in that understands what your going through these girls have helped me through so much. I want to thank them :) ....

Current Mood: pleased
3:29 pm
Do you have a friend that you've met online that is now like a sister to you? This is a place to celebrate there friendship, share your story .. or just make new friends that you'll hope will last a lifetime. So c'mon and join... :)

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